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Welcome to Bangkok Halal

Welcome to Bangkok Halal
Halal Food Culture

Bangkok Halal is the easiest way to find the very best halal restaurants in Bangkok. Each restaurant we feature on our site will have been personally tested by us, and rated in a number of different criteria before a full recommendation is given. But, what exactly is important to Bangkok Halal?

Quality of Food – So, the primary reason we visit a restaurant is the food. Other aspects could perhaps be forgiven, but, if the food is not up to standard then that is a generally an immediate negative that is hard to recover from. While we look at the overall presentation of the meal, we also consider the quality of their ingredients, and the variety offered on the menu.

Cleanliness – Following very closely behind quality of food is cleanliness. Trying to enjoy food in an environment that is not so clean can be very off-putting for those looking for an enjoyable dining experience. We look at the overall standards upheld by the restaurant, including tables, chairs, floors, kitchen areas, and toilets. So many restaurants present a façade of being clean, while they neglect areas such as the kitchen and toilets which are not seen as customers enter the restaurant.

Atmosphere – The best dining experiences, while supported upon a solid base of good food and cleanliness, are truly elevate by the atmosphere of a restaurant. This can encompass aspects such as décor, music, lighting, and other subtle features that can truly enhance or sabotage the ambience of a restaurant.

Staff – An oft overlooked feature of any restaurant is the staff, particularly the waiters/waitresses. The serving staff should be knowledgeable about all aspects of the menu and be able to make recommendations based on what the customer might like. In addition to this, they also serve as the go-between for the kitchen and the customer, so any delays or discrepancies in terms of orders should be handled politely and quickly. A good restaurant should also have a floor manager, or at least a person to welcome potential customers to the restaurant, but should do without being to aggressive or desperate.

Pricing – Do you feel you are getting value for what you have paid? If we don’t feel that the entire package has been of a sufficient standard compared to the price of the bill, then we are unlikely to return to this restaurant and will be hesitant to provide it with a recommendation.

So to find the best halal restaurant in Bangkok that serves the best halal food, you may want to consider which of these categories is most important to you when you are considering where to dine. Read our reviews, and the comments left by previous customers before making your choice about which is the best halal restaurant in Bangkok.

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